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Cod from its origin...
The rigor of the processes is reflected in the quality of the final result.


Salty Dry

Atlantic Cod White Wing

The Gadus morhua is fished in the North Atlantic and is the best known and consumed species of Cod. This presentation gives an infinity of possibilities in its preparation. Take advantage of the Cod and take advantage of the various types of cuts, discovering which ones are best suited to each recipe. Enjoy everything from the loins, fillets, skin, bones...

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Lastest News

Mar Salgado in Spain

Mar Salgado as usual will be present in Spain

Mar Salgado in APAS 2016

Another visit to the Brazilian market at the APAS Fair in São Paulo.

Boneless Cod loins!

We have removed the bones, so that you can prepare your dishes quickly and simply... Kids love it!