Who whe are

Mar Salgado is a brand of Cod that was born with the purpose of satisfying the needs of true Codfish lovers. Always with the aim of improving and following the market trends, Mar Salgado has since its origin, sought to assert itself as an example to follow in terms of the quality of its products.

The rigor of the processes is reflected in the quality of the final result.


Mar Salgado presents on the market the main species of Codfish, in its different physical stages (frozen desalted, Dry Salted, Wet Salted) and final product presentations.

Mar Salgado is synonymous of Quality and Tradition ... Accompanying the whole process of Cod transformation (from fishing to the table of its consumers), presents the most healthy, nutritious, tasty Cod.

our mission : to bring the best cod to your table.

mission and values

With the mission of bringing the best Cod to the table of its consumers, Mar Salgado presents its main values:

- Market orientation for their customers and consumers

- Social and environmental responsibility throughout the process in which it operates

- Constant search for innovation and improvement of its processes and products

- Rigor, honesty and competence